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IDF Uncovers Weaponry in an UNRWA Facility

IDF troops are continuing to operate against terrorist targets in the area of Jabaliya, locating weaponry in a UNRWA facility and eliminating terrorists in close-quarters combat.

Additionally, an IAF aircraft eliminated operatives who had fired anti-tank missiles at the troops. No IDF injuries were reported.

During one activity in the area, terrorists armed with RPG launchers on their way to attack IDF troops were eliminated in an aerial strike.

Meanwhile, an Islamic Jihad tactical-level commander was eliminated in an aerial strike in the eastern Rafah area along with three other terrorists from the organization who were operating against IDF troops in the area.

Operations continue in the central Gaza Strip, where IDF tanks struck several terrorists and destroyed military structures in which explosives were planted and other weapons were stored.

The IAF struck approximately 80 terror targets over the past day throughout the Gaza Strip, including weapons storage facilities, launchers, terrorist cells, military structures, and other terrorist infrastructure. (INN / VFI News)