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Terror Attack at Megiddo Intersection Foiled, Suspect Arrested

A youth armed with a hammer tried to attack policemen at the gas station at Megiddo Junction on Friday afternoon, April 5, according to a police statement.

Shortly before the arrest, a police patrol noticed a 17-year-old walking suspiciously near the gas station at Meggido Junction. The suspect is a resident of Musmus village, about eight kilometers south of Megiddo.

Police approached the suspect and noticed he had pulled out a hammer and begun swinging it towards the officers while running towards them. Police officers from Umm el-Fahm immediately made contact and fired at the suspect. The suspect suffered minor wounds and was arrested. No police were wounded during the arrest.

Danny Levy, Superintendent of the Coastal Police, praised the officers, saying, “The pursuit of contact, vigilance, and alertness led to the end of the event without any casualties. There is no doubt that with your quick and professional activity, you saved lives.” (JPost / VFI News)

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