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President Isaac Herzog

Herzog Inaugurates New Amsterdam Holocaust Museum as Protesters Demand His Arrest

The Netherlands’s National Holocaust Museum opened its doors on Sunday, March 10, in a ceremony presided over by the Dutch king as well as President Isaac Herzog, whose presence prompted protests calling for his arrest on war crimes charges due to the ongoing war in the Gaza Strip.

“This museum shows us what devastating consequences antisemitism can have,” said Dutch King Willem-Alexander at a solemn gathering at the city’s famous nearby Portuguese Synagogue, attended also by Dutch Holocaust survivors as well as Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

Herzog said the museum sent “a clear and powerful statement: remember, remember the horrors born of hatred, antisemitism, and racism and never again allow them to flourish. Unfortunately never again is now, right now. Because right now, hatred and antisemitism are flourishing worldwide and we must fight it together,” he added.

He called for the “immediate and safe return” of hostages taken by Hamas in the October 7 attacks and urged the congregation to “pray for peace.”

Hundreds gathered on Sunday waving Palestinian flags and banners and shouting “Never Again Is Now,” a reference to their belief Israel is committing genocide in Gaza. They booed, shouted slogans as the dignitaries arrived at the museum, and hung signs “Detour to International Criminal Court” on lamp posts along the route.

Also, another pro-Palestinian Dutch organization, The Rights Forum, called Herzog’s presence “a slap in the face of the Palestinians who can only helplessly watch how Israel murders their loved ones and destroys their land.” (TOI / VFI News)