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IDF Blows Up Hezbollah HQ in Lebanon, Prepares for War in Israel's North

The head of the IDF’s Northern Command met with security coordinators to discuss security along the northern border on Friday, March 8, as the IDF conducted operational strikes on Hezbollah targets on Saturday. The IDF announced on Saturday that it struck military infrastructure belonging to Hezbollah in Lebanon, including operational military headquarters.

Among the targets were buildings being used by Hezbollah terrorists in the Ayta ash Shab area, operational military headquarters in the Majdal Zoun and Kafra municipality, and additional infrastructure in Mhaibib. Further, the IDF announced that launches were detected crossing into northern Israel earlier in the day and that the military has returned fire to their points of origin.

Maj.-Gen. Ori Gordin met with security coordinators to discuss the security situation on Israel’s northern border on Friday. “We are constantly strengthening our readiness to launch an attack in Lebanon. Our commitment – my commitment – is to change the security situation to ensure residents return to their homes,” the commander told the security coordinators of the Western Galilee councils.

Last week, the IDF also conducted a drill practicing delivering supplies from the air and on the ground as part of the preparations for an operation on the northern front, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said on Sunday.

In the drill, forces from the Technological and Logistics Directorate, Northern Command, the Air Force, and ground forces practiced transferring equipment, water, fuel, and ammunition to forces on the ground in northern Israel. The drill included practicing loading and unloading equipment from Air Force aircraft and transporting equipment in vehicles on the ground. (JPost / VFI News)

“God, we pray for protection from the terrorist organization Hezbollah and we pray that another war will not outbreak. We pray for all Israeli civilians living in the north and we ask that You will keep them safe.”

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