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Palestinian Protest London

Pro-Palestinian Protest Areas Become No-Go Zones for Jews in London

London has become a “no-go area for Jews” following pro-Palestinian demonstrations over the previous weekend, said Robin Simcox, the British Home Office’s independent adviser on national security and terrorism last week.

According to a report by renowned British media, Simcox urged ministers to “be bolder and be prepared to take a higher legal risk” in dealing with extremism.

Two weeks ago Prime Minister Sunak warned against forces “trying to tear the country apart.” Simcox had written that Sunak was right to point to an increase in extremism. He said he now needed “policies to meet the scale of the challenge.” He said the creation of a new definition of extremism had a “clear purpose” and would be used “to guide future decisions about what the government does or does not do.”

He also said the government already has “more power to deal with extremism than it sometimes thinks.” According to him, “We have not betrayed democracy if extremists are no longer able to operate television channels and we will not be an authoritarian state if it is no longer allowed to make London a forbidden zone for Jews every weekend. All these things and more have become normal in Britain.”

However, John Rees, one of the participants of the demonstrations claimed that “there is no need” for Jewish people to be afraid of the demonstrations. He said he understood why some might feel intimidated, but accused the British prime minister of intimidating the Jewish community and called him “irresponsible.”(JPost / VFI News)

“Many have become my enemies without cause; those who hate me without reason are numerous.” - Psalm 38:19