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Humanitarian Aid

US Military Denies Reports that Gazans Were Killed as a Result of Airdropped Packages

The US military has denied reports on Friday, March 8, that Gazans were killed when they were struck by their airdropped packages, Israeli media reported.

The United States Army said that they were aware of reports of Palestinians killed as a result of being hit by humanitarian aid packages dropped from the air. However, the army continued to say that contrary to reports, the death was not caused by American shipments.

The initial reports, according to Israeli media citing Gaza reports, said that at least five people in Gaza were reported dead Friday afternoon after being hit by aid packages airdropped by the US.

According to the reports, the parachutes on the humanitarian aid packages did not open. Aside from those killed, it has been reported that several others have been injured by the fall of the aid packages. (JPost / VFI News)