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Qatar Is Oversaturating US Universities with Funds, Directly Affecting the Rise of Antisemitism

An unprecedented wave of antisemitism has been rising in the United States, including violent protests, tent encampments, harassment of Jewish and Israeli students, and aggressive anti-Israel and anti-Jewish messages.

Those who monitored Qatar’s covert activity in the US and its massive financial influx saw it as a natural continuation of promoting extremist agendas under the guise of supporting science and students.

“Qatar had ideological goals, primarily to promote the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood,” explained Dr. Charles Asher Small, CEO of the Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism (ISGAP), and organization Vice Chairman David Harris, in a report by American media.

In recent months, the Institute for the Study of Antisemitism published a series of studies and findings regarding Qatari funding in US universities. They highlighted its use to influence the agenda through hundreds of joint research projects, extensive personal data collection on students, significant universities operating campuses in Doha, and more.

The main research, published in November 2023, revealed Qatar as the primary funder beyond the sea of American universities. The report - Networks of Hate - revealed that the Qatari SWF foundation transferred funds to various institutions and organizations in the US and Europe, including top universities, totaling between $500 billion and a trillion US dollars. (JPost / VFI News)

“God, we pray for an end to the discrimination our people face abroad. We pray that antisemitism be eradicated and that the funding from countries that support terror be stopped immediately. We trust in You, Lord, for protecting Jewish and Israeli students from every danger on and off campus.”