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UN Newsletter Exposed for Sharing Ways to Protest in US Against Israel on Tax Day

An April 11 edition of the United Nations Division for Palestinian Rights’ NGO Action News, which provides updates about civil society organizations worldwide “relevant to the Palestine issue,” linked readers to the U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Rights (USCPR) list of “5 Ways to Take Action for Tax Day.”

Included within the list were instructions about how protesters who did not “want [their] tax dollars to fund genocide” could “disrupt for a free Palestine.” The second item on USCPR’s list was a hyperlink for protesters seeking to engage in a “coordinated multi-city economic blockade to free Palestine,” an effort organizers noted was “not affiliated with USCPR.”

In the destination page, blockade organizers A15 describe efforts to “identify and blockade major choke points in the economy, focusing on points of production and circulation with the aim of causing the most economic impact,” effectively “blocking the arteries of capitalism and jamming the wheels of production.”

American media reported on the April 15 blockades when anti-Israel protesters stopped traffic outside Washington’s Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, California’s Golden Gate Bridge, and on the I-5 in Eugene, Ore. Gatherings also took place outside the New York Stock Exchange and Philadelphia’s City Hall, at San Antonio’s Valero headquarters and in Los Angeles, Oakland, Tampa, and Miami. (FN / VFI News)

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