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satellite image at a site reportedly struck in an alleged Israeli attack on April 19, 2024, near Isfahan, Iran

US Official: Israeli Strike Targeted Air Defense Radar System for Natanz Nuclear Facility

Three missiles were fired from Israeli fighter aircraft outside of Iran on Friday morning, April 19, with very limited strike, a senior US official told American media.

The Israelis were targeting an air defense radar site near Isfahan that’s part of the protection of the Natanz nuclear facility, the official said.

The first assessment is that the strike took out the site, but the assessment hasn’t been completed, the official added. The strike was intended to send a signal to Iran that Israel has these capabilities, but was not looking to escalate the situation, according to the official.

An Israeli official told another American news agency earlier on Friday that the strike on Iran “was intended to signal to Iran that Israel had the ability to strike inside the country.”

Another intelligence source told media that initial estimates are that Iran will not respond to the attack on its territory. Despite this, reports in Israel said that Israel’s aerial defense system is at peak readiness. (INN / VFI News)

“Lord, we pray that You prevent an escalation of the situation with Iran and that You do not permit any enemy to strike within our country. May You protect all Your children and shield them from all types of hostilities, as well as from a nuclear war. We pray in Yeshua’s name that Iran will not be able to construct nuclear weapons and that any countries currently in possession of some, will not use them for malevolent purposes.”

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