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New Documentary Highlights Hamas's Oct. 7 Sexual Violence

Sexual violence was a central part of the massacre and hostage-taking attack that Hamas terrorists carried out in Israel on October 7 and while many women’s organizations stayed silent or made weakly worded statements about it, there are still those who deny that it took place altogether.

This inspired former Facebook COO and author Sheryl Sandberg to make the compelling and important documentary, Screams Before Silence, which is now widely available.

“It’s really difficult to talk about it, but . . . it’s my duty to come out and talk,” said Amit Soussana, one of the interviewees in the film. Soussana, who has also spoken about her ordeal to a renowned American news outlet, was kidnapped from her home in Israel and held hostage for nearly two months. She speaks in detail in the film about the sexual assault she suffered at gunpoint.

While other sexual assault victims have not spoken publicly using their names, there are many witnesses and first responders who speak in the film, as well as video evidence of sexual assaults.

But the tragic truth, as this documentary makes crystal clear, is that the major reason few of the victims have come forward is that the vast majority were murdered following, and sometimes during, their assaults. Sandberg visited Israel to make this film, which was directed by Anat Stalinsky and in which Sandberg conducts the interviews, so that she could “let those silenced voices be heard.” (JPost / VFI News)

“God, we pray for all the victims who experienced sexual violence at the hands of Hamas terrorists. We pray that You will heal their emotional, mental and physical wounds in Yeshua’s name, and we ask that You give them comfort and the courage to continue their lives in peace. We urge the international community and all women’s organizations to publicly acknowledge the sexual atrocities that have been committed by the terrorist organization so that further action can be taken, and the release of the remaining hostages will be of the utmost importance for all nations in regards to the ongoing war.”