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Travelers walk with their luggage in Ben Gurion Airport near Tel Aviv

Israel Warns Passover Travelers of Iranian Plots to Harm Them Abroad

Iran will continue its attempts to harm Israelis around the world, especially in the Middle East and eastern Mediterranean, the National Security Council (NSC) warned on Monday, March 20.

In its guidance for Israeli travelers ahead of the Passover holiday, the NSC emphasized that Iran and its proxies present a particular threat in countries neighboring Iran, including the United Arab Emirates, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Bahrain.

Cyprus and Greece, popular holiday destinations for Israelis, are also countries where Iran is likely to target Jews and Israelis, according to the assessment.

The NSC did not warn against travel to these destinations, but instead called on Israelis “to be aware, to act responsibly in accordance with the level of danger in the country being visited.”

The NSC lists Muslim partners Turkey, the UAE, Bahrain, and Egypt as Level 3 threats, meaning that all non-essential travel should be avoided.

Iranian plots have been foiled in several of these countries over the past year. In November last year, Georgian security officials foiled an attempt by a Pakistani citizen to murder an Israeli in Georgia on orders from an Iranian operative. In July, Turkish forces foiled an attempt by Iranian agents to kill Israelis in Istanbul, arresting three men. (TOI / VFI News)

“God, we ask that Israeli people will be able to celebrate the Passover in peace and without living in fear of violent attacks. We pray that we will all be safe regardless of the place that we choose to spend these days and that others’ malevolent plans will not come to fruition.”

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