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President Herzog: We Must Get to Sinwar - Either Alive Or Dead - to Free the Hostages

Israeli President Isaac Herzog on Tuesday, March 26, attended the inauguration ceremony of the Mobileye Campus in Jerusalem. “Seeing Israeli industry thriving at full strength – that’s the real victory,” he began.

“Regarding the negotiations for the release of the hostages: The reality is this - and the world and us must face it - everything begins and ends with Yahya Sinwar,” Herzog stressed.

“He’s the one who decided on the October massacre, he’s been seeking to shed the blood of the innocent ever since, it is he who aims to escalate the regional situation, to desecrate Ramadan, to do everything to shatter coexistence in our country and in the whole region, to sow discord among us and around the world.”

“He seeks terror, and the entire world and our entire region must know that the responsibility lies with him, and with him alone. It won’t work. We won’t allow it.” Herzog continued,

“At this moment, we must be united and determined. Israel is making every effort to bring the hostages home - making every effort in a range of fields. In the end, there is no choice. We must continue the fight, and we must get to Sinwar - either alive or dead - so that we can see the hostages back home.” (INN / VFI News)

“He upholds the cause of the oppressed and gives food to the hungry. The Lord sets prisoners free.” - Psalm 146:7