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Lebanese MP Michel Moawad casts his vote during the first session to elect a new president at the parliament building in Beirut, Lebanon

Lebanese Government Fails to Elect a President in Fourth Attempt

The Lebanese government failed to elect a president in a fourth attempt at voting on Monday, October 24, just a week before current President Michel Aoun's term ends.

Michel Moawad, an independent Lebanese politician opposed to Hezbollah, received 39 votes, 50 MPs voted with a blank slip, 10 MPS voted for Issam Khalifa (a professor specializing on Lebanon's maritime borders) and 13 MPs submitted ballots reading "New Lebanon."

In the last attempted vote, 55 MPs cast blank ballots, while Moawad received 42 votes. House Speaker, Nabih Berri, scheduled a new session to elect a president for October 27, just four days before Aoun's term ends.

"There is a dominant authority working to blackmail MPs and the Lebanese to maintain its quotas by disrupting sessions," said Moawad after the vote on Monday.

"Treason parties are held between the presidential election sessions, and I tell Hezbollah that it is not possible to continue and accept the logic of treason and coercion," added Moawad.

"There is no consensual candidate in the balance of power today unless he submits his credentials to Hezbollah and 'the movement' and the alternative solution is to gather the opposition and secure 65 votes to change the balance of power." (JPost / VFI News)

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