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Iranian flag flies in front of the UN office building in Vienna

Iran Sees Ties with Russia as 'New Middle East'

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi was in Moscow on Wednesday, January 19, to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin. This is happening as the US is concerned about a Russian invasion of Ukraine. Moscow has backed Tehran at the Vienna nuclear talks with the West. This comes as Russia might also take part in another naval drill with Iran and China.

These are important talks. Russia is calling on the US to not supply weapons to Ukraine, and Turkey is offering to host Russia-Ukraine talks. This means that Iran’s visit is part of a larger Russian policy that stretches from Europe to the Middle East. Tehran sees Moscow as a key partner along with Beijing in its quest for more power.

“The visit may become a turning point in political, economic and trade relations between Iran and Russia, and it may also be effective in ensuring security, economic and trade relations in the region,” the Iranian president said at Tehran’s Mehrabad Airport. “This trip is conducted at the invitation of Mr. Putin, and during this visit efforts will be made to promote the policy of good-neighborliness in the region.

Former ambassador of Iran in Moscow Mahmoud Reza Sajjad said, “Interaction between Iran and Russia in the region will, undoubtedly, ensure security and prevent unilateralism. We and Russia are members of many economic and political organizations in the region, such as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and Russia plays an important role in these organizations.”

What he means is that Iran is now shifting back to focus on Russia rather than the West. Tehran sees economic ties as important with Moscow. This new Middle East will include closer work with China and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, as well as cooperation with Russia, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan. These were key points in the Fars News discussion. (JPost / VFI News)

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