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Israel's PM: Palestinians Will Have No Better Deal

Israel's PM Netanyahu urged the Palestinian Authority to accept the peace plan presented by the Trump Administration on Tues. 28 Jan. 2020, warning that they would "not get a better deal." Netanyahu said: "President Trump provides a peace plan that will allow a deal that will give Israel and the Palestinians peace and security. We can move forward together. It's a concrete plan that can work. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The president offers a great vision for economic development for the Palestinians, which will give hope to the youth, for the future. It is a plan that will change the Middle East," the prime minister claimed. "I hope the Palestinians accept the agreement, the $50 billion to help them, and give up the dream of destroying Israel and living with us in peace." Netanyahu noted that '' compromise is needed from each side, but I am ready for these compromises. Netanyahu said that under Trump’s plan the Palestinians will have to disarm Hamas, demilitarize Gaza, recognize Israel as the Jewish state and accept Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem and 30% of Judea & Samaria before they are granted statehood. They also must stop paying salaries to terrorists and their families, cease “incitement against Israel,” and withdraw all complaints against Israel at the International Criminal Court. Netanyahu further commented saying, “This is a revolutionary change from previous peace proposals. Instead of pressuring Israel into making concessions, the USA is now making demands of the Palestinians.” (Times of Israel/VFI News)

“Plead my cause, O Lord, with those who strive with me.  Fight against those who fight against me.”  Ps. 35:1