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Kushner: USA Plan Will Double the Size of PA

Senior White House adviser Jared Kushner on Tues. 28 Jan. 2020 said that the Palestinians "have a perfect track record of missing opportunities. If they screw this up, I think that they will have a very hard time looking at the international community in the face saying they're the victim, saying they have rights. This is a great deal for them. If they come to the table and negotiate, I think they can get something excellent." Kushner stressed that the plan would double the size of the territory of the Palestinians. He added that the Palestinians are not going to get a state "by doing a day of rage. All doing a day of rage shows is that they're not ready to have a state. Whole-hearted rejections will show the world that they are not interested in peace, they have never been interested in peace and, quite frankly, in the Palestinian areas you have a lot of people that are very vested in the status quo." Kushner also said on Tuesday that the USA Mideast plan "is the first time that Israel has ever agreed to a Palestinian state and it's the first time Israel has agreed to a map, so this is an amazing opportunity for the Palestinian leadership. If they truly want to create a good opportunity for their people, they'd be wise to pursue it." (VFI News)