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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Netanyahu Says He’ll Revert to ‘Openly’ Opposing Iran Deal, Names Security Cabinet

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday, January 3, that he would change Israel’s strategy toward countering Iranian nuclear ambitions, promising to bring the fight back to the court of public opinion.

Speaking at a cabinet meeting, Netanyahu said that it was still a “possibility” that Western powers would resuscitate efforts to sign a nuclear deal with Iran, and that he would apply public pressure to prevent it.

Tuesday’s meeting was the first with official business since the government was sworn in on Thursday. “We will work openly, from a position of strength, in the international arena against a return to the nuclear agreement,” Netanyahu said.

“Not only in talks with leaders behind closed doors but strongly and openly in the sphere of global opinion, which is now aware of the true dangers posed by Iran – the Iranian regime that is killing innocent citizens in and outside Iran.”

The most recently discussed nuclear agreement with Iran was panned as a “bad deal” by Israel’s previous government and security establishment, because it would release billions of dollars to Tehran without guaranteeing a real curb to its nuclear ambitions. (TOI / VFI News)

“God, we thank You for assisting our new government to take active steps against the possibility of nuclear war, and to keep making their decisions transparently.”

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