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A drone is launched during a military exercise in an undisclosed location in Iran

Iran Hackers Closer to Penetrating Israel, US Drones - Cyberdefense CEO

Iran’s team of hackers has recently advanced closer than ever to being able to penetrate and control Israeli and US drones, ClearSky Cyber Security CEO Boaz Dolev said Monday, November 21.

Speaking at the INSS conference on Iran, he listed a number of dangerous trends emanating from the Islamic Republic’s cyber sector. Tehran is expanding its cyber capabilities in every arena, including ongoing improved efforts to hack drones and to develop closer to “zero-day” capabilities, Dolev said.

Until now, Dolev was saying that Iran’s zero-day capabilities have been viewed as limited – though the regime did hack aspects of Israel’s water sector in April 2020.

Besides improving its own capabilities, he said Iran has started for the first time to more aggressively share cyber attack tools with Hezbollah. This seems to suggest that the Islamic Republic is seeking to multiply the fronts from which Jerusalem must defend itself in the cyber arena, as it has in the physical world.

Moreover, Dolev noted Iran’s cyber attacks on governments, such as Albania. The ayatollahs’ cyber attack was successful because it brought down the country’s networks at a moment when a conference of the Kurdish anti-Iranian MEK group was due to hold a major meeting in Albania, he said. (JPost / VFI News)

“God, we ask that you give us the means, knowledge and equipment to protect ourselves against all types of threats, so as to be one step ahead of the ones who seek to harm Israel.”