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Israel Summons Argentina's Amb over Vote to Investigate Alleged War Crimes

The Foreign Ministry summoned Argentine Ambassador to Israel Sergio Urribarri for clarification about his country’s vote at the UN Human Rights Council last week in favor of creating a permanent investigatory panel into alleged Israeli war crimes.

Modi Ephraim, head of the Foreign Ministry’s Latin America and Caribbean division, said on Tuesday that Argentina’s vote is unacceptable to Israel as it ignores Hamas terrorism and the firing of close to 4,500 rockets at Israeli citizens.

Ephraim noted that it is inconceivable that Argentina, whose country has suffered from terrorist attacks on Argentinian soil organized by both Iran and Hezbollah – with the bombing of the Israeli embassy in 1992 and the subsequent bombing of the AMIA building in 1994 – would shy away from condemning Hamas terrorism and support the UN commission instead. (JPost / VFI News)