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Iranian technicians work at a uranium processing site in Isfahan

Iran Has Enough Uranium for Five Nukes, Not Just One - Gallant

Iran has enough enriched uranium for five nuclear weapons, should it decide to weaponize it and complete the detonation and delivery tasks for firing a weapon, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said Thursday, May 4.

“Iran is not sufficing with one nuclear bomb,” he told his hosts during a visit to Greece. “It has already accumulated enough enriched uranium at the 20% and 60% levels for five nuclear bombs.”

“If Iran enriches to the 90% weaponized level, it would be a great error and the price would be heavy, and there would be consequences which could inflame the Middle East,” he added.

Gallant suggested that he was taking the opportunity to discuss Iran’s nuclear threats and regional terrorism in greater detail because there were recent efforts by the IRGC to perpetrate terrorist attacks against Jews in Greece. Only top-level intelligence cooperation by Israel and Greece had prevented a disaster, Gallant said.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday said Iran could blackmail any US city if it acquired nuclear weapons. “To have Iran being able to threaten every city in the United States with nuclear blackmail is a changing of history,” he told a visiting congressional bipartisan delegation.

“Iran is 50 North Koreas,” he said. “It is not merely a neighborhood bully like the dynasty that rules North Korea.” (JPost / VFI News)

“God, we pray that more national officials come to the realization that Iran poses a grave nuclear threat globally, and we are grateful for the countries that are already committed to preventing a nuclear war.”