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Britain's King Charles coronation

King Charles III Crowned: 'Monarch Cherishes His Warm Relationship with British Jews'

King Charles III was formally crowned King of England on Saturday, May 6, at Westminster Abbey, in a ceremony officiated by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

England declared several celebratory measures for the occasion, including a bank holiday, a special medal for the military and emergency personnel participating, and the publication of educational materials for schoolchildren to help them appreciate the significance of the event.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday congratulated King Charles and his wife Queen Camilla on the coronation. "Together with all of Israel's citizens, my wife Sara and I send our warm blessings to King Charles III and to Queen Camilla, on their historic coronation," Netanyahu tweeted.

Israel's President, Isaac Herzog, was among the many foreign dignitaries that came to pay their respects to the King.

Both President Herzog and Britain's Chief Rabbi, Sir Ephraim Mirvis, benefited from a number of special accommodations that allowed them to participate in the proceedings without violating the Shabbat, despite the coronation taking place on a Saturday.

Rabbi Mirvis said "His Majesty King Charles III has made it clear that he wants representatives of the Jewish community and other minority faith communities to be present for the coronation service. At every stage, the Palace has been sensitive to the requirements of halacha when considering how best to include us."

"We are blessed to have a Monarch who holds a deep, personal conviction that there is great strength in the diversity of our country and who cherishes his warm relationship with British Jews." (INN / VFI News)

“God, we ask that King Charles III of England will have a long and prosperous reign, and will be continually surrounded by loyal counselors while protecting the British citizens’ interests to the best of his abilities. We are also very grateful for the strong alliance and the care that he shows to Jewish people and our traditions.”

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