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25 Of 27 EU Member States Condemn Annexation Plans, Hungary & Austria Stand in Dissent

On Monday night, High Representative for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell released the third of a series of statements criticizing Israel’s annexation plans. With the support of 25 out of 27 EU states, Borrell said: “We strongly urge Israel to refrain from any unilateral decision that would lead to the annexation of any occupied Palestinian territory and would be, as such, contrary to International Law.”

Hungary and Austria, the sole dissenters in the EU, stood in opposition on Wednesday to Borrell’s criticism.

A Hungarian diplomatic source said that no one knows if Israel will actually apply its laws to parts of the West Bank, which is why his country called to exercise caution in its messages toward Israel and focus on back-channel diplomacy rather than broadcasting public statements.

French Ambassador to the UN Nicolas de Rivière warned Israel that any such move “would be detrimental to Israel’s role in the world, to its integration in its regional environment, as well as to Israel’s relationships with its partners,” he said. (J. Post / VFI News)