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Hezbollah fired a barrage of rockets

Hezbollah Fires Huge Barrage of Rockets, Houthis Publish Drill Showing Raid on Mockup of Israeli Base

Hezbollah fired a barrage of rockets at cities and towns all over northern Israel on Sunday, February 4, leading to the sounding of 33 air raid alerts, the most in the recent period. In Gaza, meanwhile, the IDF took over Hamas’s Khan Yunis brigade headwaters and announced the death of a soldier, Sgt.-Maj. (res.) Shimon Yehoshua Asulin who was killed in battle in southern Gaza.

At midday, IDF aircraft struck Hezbollah positions, targeting infrastructure such as rocket launchers and observation posts in Blida and Meis el-Jabal in southern Lebanon. Rockets from Lebanon were identified approaching the Israeli border, triggering rocket alarms in northern Israeli communities, including Kiryat Shmona, Manara, Margaliot, and Metulla.

As the day progressed, more communities were also fired at, with no casualties in Israel, most of whose 80,000 residents had evacuated back in October.

Also on Sunday, a video published by Houthis showed soldiers drilling for a raid on an Israeli “command and control center.” During the drill, three people dressed as Israeli soldiers were taken captive at gunpoint, including one found sitting at a table with computers, ostensibly meant to represent the command and control center. The footage also appeared to show the Houthi forces killing and capturing top generals and Israeli leaders.

Meanwhile, the US and Britain struck 36 Houthi targets in 13 different locations in Yemen on Saturday, in a fresh wave of assaults meant to further disable Iran-backed groups that have relentlessly attacked American and international interests in the wake of the Israel-Hamas war, US officials told American media. (JPost / VFI News)

“God, we pray that You help and protect us from all surrounding enemies during these critical times. We humbly ask that the latters’ plans will not succeed, but will be canceled by Your gracious hand. We pray for the family of the soldier who was killed in battle and we hope that You comfort them and take away their pain. We also pray for peace and stability and we hope that the future of our people will be full of prosperity, love and security.”