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Minister of Energy and Infrastructure and Cabinet member, Eli Cohen

Hint to Turkey: Israel Strengthening Ties with Cyprus

Minister of Energy and Infrastructure and Cabinet member, Eli Cohen, spoke a week ago with the Minister of Energy, Trade and Industry of Cyprus, Giorgos Papanastasiou.

During the conversation, the two agreed on strengthening the regional alliance between Israel and Cyprus, continuing to promote joint energy activity, while connecting the countries on an economic basis and speeding up the submarine electric cable project that will connect Israel to Cyprus and Europe.

In addition, they discussed a tripartite visit, together with the Greek minister. This alliance is also a broad hint to Turkey, who is interested in similar collaborations, and has even discussed this with Israel – but has repeatedly attacked Israel since the outbreak of the war.

Minister Eli Cohen said: “I thank Cyprus for supporting Israel in the war against Hamas. Cyprus is a regional ally, and cooperation in the field of energy has great potential for both countries. Connecting the electricity cable from Israel to Europe through Cyprus is a valuable contribution to energy independence, to the economic potential for both countries, and also meets the European need to diversify energy sources.”

Israel and Cyprus have many projects in common in the field of energy, among others the submarine electric cable (Great Sea Interconnector), which will connect the local electricity grid to Cyprus and Greece and from there to the European electricity grid. (INN / VFI News)

“God, we thank You for gifting us valuable allies that allow us to become independent from nations that are quick to deny us. We are extremely grateful for Your constant provisions and we thank You for continuing to bless us and our people with unwavering international friendships.”

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