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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Netanyahu Announced Freeze of Judicial Reforms: ‘We Must Not Have a Civil War’

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered an address to the nation Monday evening, March 27, on the government's planned judicial reforms.

"There is an extreme minority that is ready to tear our country into parts. It tends towards violence. It ignites fire. It threatens to harm elected officials. It talks about civil war. And it calls for insubordination, which is a terrible crime," Netanyahu said.

"The State of Israel cannot exist without the IDF, and the IDF cannot exist with insubordination. Insubordination by one side will bring about insubordination on the other side. Insubordination is the end of our state. Therefore I demand that our security forces and the IDF's commanders oppose the phenomenon of insubordination. Not to contain it, not to understand it. To stop it," he said.

"For three months, I have called for dialogue. I also said that I would leave no stone unturned in order to reach a solution. Because I remember, we remember, that we are not facing enemies: we are facing our brothers. I say here and now: we must not have a civil war.

"We are now on a path towards a very dangerous collision in Israeli society, which jeopardizes the basic unity between us, and such a crisis obligates all of us to act responsibly.” (INN / VFI News)

“God, we ask for long-term stability in Israel. We hope that all of us can display mutual respect and civility at all times so that we can decide about critical matters in unison, and subsequently prosper.”

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