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New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft

Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Launches Campaign to Raise Awareness of Antisemitism

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft faced the camera during a video call, pointing to a small, sky-blue lapel pin on his blazer.

The pin is the symbol of a $25 million “Stand Up to Jewish Hate” campaign launched Monday, March 27, by the 81-year-old billionaire through his Foundation to Combat Antisemitism, aiming to raise awareness nationwide about soaring incidents of antisemitism online and in person.

“This little blue square represents the Jewish population in the United States – 2.4 percent,” said Kraft, who was raised in Brookline, Massachusetts, in an observant Orthodox Jewish family. “But we’re the victims of 55% of the hate crimes in this country.”

The campaign will feature emotive ads to be introduced by stars of top television shows. The ads are intended to tug at the heartstrings of non-Jewish Americans, said Matthew Berger, the foundation’s executive director.

One of the ads shows a non-Jewish neighbor painting over a garage door vandalized with the Nazi swastika and the words “No Jews,” concluding with the message: “Hate only wins if you let it.”

Another ad focuses on online hate: A Jewish teen is shown crestfallen as he is trolled after posting a video of his bar mitzvah. Soon after, he sees a Harlem choir tag him with their version of his worship song. He sings along with the choir as these words pop up on the screen: “Voices of support are louder than words of hate.” (TOI / VFI News)

“God, we are grateful for the support we receive in eliminating antisemitism and hate speech. We pray that no more Jewish people will suffer because of prejudice and discrimination and that everyone will be able to coexist in peace. ”