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Hamas terrorist organization

Gazans Call for Overthrow of Hamas as They Flee through IDF Humanitarian Corridor

The IDF has established a humanitarian corridor in recent days for Palestinian residents of western Khan Yunis to move from combat areas to the town of Al-Mawasi in southwestern Gaza, IDF Arabic spokesperson Avichay Adraee announced on Saturday, January 27.

Adraee said that Gazan residents would be safe in Al-Mawasi and that the corridor has been opened to evacuate civilians every day so that the IDF can focus on fighting the Hamas terrorist organization and deepening its incursion into Khan Yunis without the risk of civilians being injured in the process.

Tens of thousands of Gazans have already passed through this corridor safely, according to the spokesperson. Adraee also quoted several Gazan civilians passing through the corridor, who informed IDF soldiers that Hamas was preventing them from leaving combat areas, using threats and violence.

Additionally, IDF soldiers were also assisting civilians at the scene, including the elderly and sick. “The people want to topple Hamas,” can be heard from the Palestinian civilians chanting.

COGAT official Major-General Rasan Aliyan said “In recent days, we see more and more evidence of public criticism voiced by the residents of Gaza against the terrorist organization Hamas. The residents of the Gaza Strip rightly prefer their well-being and the safety of their children over the continued military strengthening of Hamas and the terrorist activities that harm them and their future.” (JPost / VFI News)

“Lord, we continue to pray for the Gazan civilians who have been used as pawns and human shields since the beginning of the war. May You eradicate the terrorist organization that is preventing them from living peacefully and may You protect all of us, and allow us to co-exist peacefully in our land.”