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Ford off-grid adventure recreational vehicle.

Ford to Install Israeli Water-From-Air System on its Vehicles

Ford has approached Israel-based Watergen, one of the world leaders in atmospheric water generation, to collaborate as facilitators for Ford off-grid adventure recreational vehicles.

The project will result in Watergen’s Mobile Box, the world’s first vehicle on-board water generating system, to be pre-installed on Ford vehicles.

Watergen’s innovative Mobile Box device is the world’s first vehicle on-board drinking system capable of effortlessly extracting clean water from ambient air and made its world debut on the Ford Ranger pickup at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas last weekend.

SEMA attracts more than 70,000 OEM and Tier One suppliers from around the globe, and the collaboration with Ford underlines Watergen’s ambition to become a global automotive supplier.

The Mobile Box can generate up to 25 liters per day of fresh drinking water removing the need to carry bottled water and reducing plastic waste.

The unit simply needs a 12V power supply and access to fresh air to produce the highest quality drinking water. Ford will mount the Mobile Box unit, which is fitted with sturdy wheels for ease of transport, on the flatbed of the Ranger where it will occupy minimal space due to its compact dimensions (630 x 530 x 460 mm).

Its portability means that fresh water is always available – whether on a road trip, camping or working outdoors. The Mobile Box device is equipped with replaceable filters and a mineralization system to ensure a constant and reliable supply of the highest quality drinking water.

The ability to produce clean drinking water without relying on an external water source is a gamechanger for those who seek off-grid adventure. (INN / VFI News)

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