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President Isaac Herzog meets with British PM Johnson in London

Time is Running Out to Stop Iran, Israel's Point is Clear

President Isaac Herzog called on the UK to be tough in the upcoming nuclear negotiations with Iran, in his meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson at Downing Street on Tuesday, November 23.

Johnson said that Israel’s point was “well-made, and we see a situation in which the world doesn’t have much time.”

Herzog said that Israel expects its allies to be tough with Iran since it does not believe that Iran can be trusted, and is using the talks to continue its pursuit of an illicit nuclear capability. The way to do that, he said, was to make sure that all options are on the table, implying a military option.

“As you enter your negotiations with the P5+1 on the Iranian nuclear situation, we are looking forward for our allies in the P5+1 to be as tough as possible, because we do not believe that they are operating in a bona fide manner, and only if all options are on the table may things move in the right direction,” Herzog said.

The president also thanked Johnson for the UK’s recent decision to label all of Hamas as a terrorist organization.

“This is a very important message to terror organizations and global radicals trying to undermine the situation in the Middle East,” said Herzog.

Johnson concurred, saying “it was a difficult and controversial decision but I think the right thing, and by the way, a decision that I think was almost immediately vindicated by the appalling incident that we saw in Israel. Terrible, terrible thing.” (JPost / VFI News)

“God, we thank you for continuing to build and strengthen alliances and ask that you keep us safe from nuclear war.”

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