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Ethiopian-Israelis protest outside government buildings in Jerusalem

Cabinet Unanimously Approves Further Immigration from Ethiopia

The cabinet unanimously approved renewed immigration from Ethiopia from among the community of descendants of Jews, against the background of a severe civil war in the country.

The decision on Sunday, November 28, to approve the government resolution – which in effect is the ongoing implementation of a previous government resolution from 2015 – will initially bring 3,000 Ethiopians to Israel.

Should the number of eligible candidates for immigration exceed 3,000, the government would need to pass a new resolution to appropriate a separate budget for their immigration and absorption.

The budget allocated for the immigration and absorption of the first 3,000 immigrants totals NIS 570 million.

Under the terms of Sunday’s decision, those who comply with the terms of government resolution 716 from 2015 and who have first-degree relatives in Israel – either a parent, child or sibling – will be able to immigrate. Resolution 716 called for bringing all remaining members of this group to Israel, and 4,500 have arrived since then.

Those eligible for immigration now will be allowed to bring with them their spouses, minor-age children, and unmarried adult children.

Someone whose parents came to Israel and died here will also be allowed to immigrate. (JPost / VFI News)