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Iran Warns Israel against More 'Military Adventures'

Majid Takht Ravanchi, the Iranian ambassador to the UN, slammed Israel on Thursday, October 14, claiming that “over the past months, the number and intensity of Israeli regime provocative and adventurous threats have steadily increased to alarming levels.” He sent the complaint to the head of the UN Security Council, a report at Tasnim News in Iran said on Thursday.

Takht Ravanchi has slammed Israel in the past. Several weeks ago, he complained about Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s speech, claiming it was “full of lies.” Bennett has said that Iran was trying to dominate the region. “Iran-phobia runs rampant at the UN. The Israeli regime PM’s speech was full of lies on Iran,” the Iranian said.

Now Iran is angry about comments reported from Israel. He says that Israel’s IDF Chief of Staff has warned of “operational plans” against Iran. “Operations to destroy Iran's capabilities in various fields will continue at any time,” was the quote that has Iran up in arms.

“Our protests against the regime's previous threats in 2021 are reflected in our letters to the UN Security Council on February 1, April 12, August 27 and September 14,” the Iranians say.

Iran says there are explicit systematic threats by the Israeli “regime” and that this constitutes a violation of international law, in particular Article 2 (4) of the Charter of the United Nations. This coming from the same country whose leaders often threaten to destroy Israel. In this case, it appears hypocritical of Iran to complain about Israeli comments. But the Iranians are complaining nonetheless.

“The fact that the Israeli regime continues to ‘destroy Iran's capabilities’ proves without a doubt that it has been responsible for terrorist attacks against our peaceful nuclear program in the past,” Iran says. “Given the ominous history of the Israeli regime's destabilizing practices in the region, as well as its covert operations against Iran's nuclear program, the regime must be dealt with to stop all threats and disruptive behavior,” Iran says, according to the Tasnim report.

Iran in this sense is playing the victim, which is interesting. It basically admits it has a dangerous nuclear program, but at the same time wants that program to be protected – which shows that Iran is concerned about Israel’s recent comments and actions. (JPost / VFI News)

“God, we ask that You protect Your children from a war with Iran.”

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