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EU Refuses Stopgap Aid to PA Amid Refusal of Israel-Collected Tax Funds

The EU turned down requests from Ramallah for additional aid, as long as the Palestinians refuse to accept their own money because it is collected by Israel.

“No stopgap extra funding should be expected…if they do not accept their own money,” an EU diplomat said on Wednesday.

The PA will, however, continue to get the aid it usually receives from the EU.

All imports to the PA go through Israeli checkpoints, and Israel collects VAT and tariffs for the PA. Those funds are the largest source of income for the PA. Israel also collects income tax and health insurance funds for Palestinians who work for Israelis.

In May, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas announced that he is stopping cooperation with Israel, in anticipation of Israel applying sovereignty to parts of the West Bank. (JPost / VFI News)

“God, we ask that you speak wisdom to the Palestinian leaders—that they may do what is best for their people—rather than serving their own interests.”