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Hamas Leader Sinwar

‘Go Away, Sinwar!’ Gaza Protests Swell As Crowds Rally Against Hamas

While Palestinian media is trying to hush the growing popular resentment against Hamas and its leader Yahya Sinwar in the Gaza Strip after four and a half months of fighting, more footage of desperate Gazans calling for the downfall of the terrorist organization continues to surface.

Videos circulated overnight Tuesday, February 20, depicted angry crowds chanting slogans against Hamas and Sinwar in both the northern Gaza Strip city of Jabaliya and the city of Rafah in the territory’s south.

In one clip from the protest in Jabaliya, protesters can be heard calling out against Hamas’ Political Bureau chief Ismail Haniyeh and Sinwar. “Sinwar, Haniyeh, the people are the victims. Down with Hamas! Down with Hamas!”

In Rafah, protesters also voiced opposition against Sinwar and Hamas heavyweight Osama Hamdan, who resides in Lebanon. “Listen, listen, Hamdan, go back to Lebanon!” they chanted, along with, “Listen, listen, Haniyeh, the people are the victims. Gaza will be redeemed through spirit and blood.”

Also on Tuesday, a newspaper with a photo of Sinwar in a tunnel was distributed in Rafah by the IDF. The paper carried the message: “Is the fate of Sinwar’s children more important than the fate of your children?” alongside a photo of Sinwar escaping with his children through a tunnel.

This week, Gaza residents also received notices calling on them to offer information to Israel’s security echelon regarding the whereabouts of the hostages. Gazans were promised, via text message, a financial award to anyone who offers information about the Israeli hostages. (YNet / VFI News)

“Lord, we are thankful that some people in Gaza are aware of who they should blame for the war. We hope that more innocent civilians will make a public stand against the terrorist organizations wreaking havoc in Israel and that they will offer valuable information regarding our hostages so that we can all live in peace after the war ends.”