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Mother of 10/7 Victim: ‘An UNRWA Worker Kidnapped my Son’

Ayelet Samerano, the mother of 21-year-old Yonatan Samerano who was murdered by Hamas terrorists on October 7, gave a plea at a press conference on Wednesday, February 21, for the return of her son’s body, which remains held captive by Hamas to this day.

Video footage was also shown depicting the horrific kidnapping of Yonatan’s lifeless body by Hamas terrorists at Kibbutz Be’eri, the location he had fled to from the NOVA music festival to seek safety. One of the terrorists was later confirmed to be a UNRWA employee by an investigation conducted by renowned American media.

“An UNRWA worker kidnapped my son’s body. How can a social worker for an organization that claims to promote good in this world do something so cruel and inhumane? How can the UN pay this man who dragged my son’s limp body on the ground, and then picked him as if he was a trophy back to Gaza?” she wondered.

“How many more lives have been ruined by this person hauling my son like he is not even a human being into a UNRWA vehicle? Does the UN hold my son? Do they know where he is? Bring him back to me. Are there any other hostages held by UN employees even as we speak?”

Meanwhile, Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations, Gilad Erdan harshly criticized the UN in response to the war in an interview, also on Wednesday. “Today I told the Security Council about the letters and meetings I had with Lazzarini and Guterres, how terror tunnels pass under schools, and how UNRWA teachers idolize Hitler,” he said.

“We have been presenting this information to UN officials for years – but they have become collaborators of Hamas, and now they are literally a part of the terrorist organization,” he added. (INN / VFI News)

“A little while, and the wicked will be no more; though you look for them, they will not be found. But the meek will inherit the land and enjoy peace and prosperity.” - Psalm 37:10-11