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US Gov’t Spent Millions Training Palestinian Security Group that Allegedly Harbors Anti-Israel Terrorists

Dozens of members of the Palestinian Authority security forces have reportedly been involved in recent attacks against Israeli civilians and soldiers, translations of Palestinian media show.

Meanwhile, the State Department has spent more than $170 million supporting the security forces since 2007, providing resources like weapons training and communications infrastructure, according to an American news outlet’s review of federal contract data.

Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), an Israeli watchdog group, translated social media posts and broadcasts produced by Fatah, the ruling party in Judea and Samaria, and found that it praised dozens of members of the Palestinian Authority security forces for having attacked Israelis.

“I think that the entire Palestinian people and the whole world has [recently] seen that more than 1,500 military operations against the Israeli occupation were led by the Fatah Movement members and the [PA] Security Forces members,” a party official said on a Palestinian government television program in March 2023, according to PMW.

“More than two-thirds of the martyrs … over the last year and a half belong to the Fatah movement and the PA … More than 355 of our Palestinian people’s prisoners inside [Israeli] prisons are from the Palestinian Security Forces—in other words, the PA’s soldiers,” a Fatah-run television show host said, according to PMW. (DC / VFI News)

“You have seen the depth of their vengeance, all their plots against me.” - Lamentations 3:60