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A massive blimp containing an advanced radar system to detect incoming missiles and drones

Giant Missile-Detecting Balloon Begins Operational Use Over Northern Israel

The military on Tuesday, March 22, officially received a massive new balloon equipped with an advanced missile and aircraft detection system from the Defense Ministry.

The radar-based system, deployed in the north at an unspecified date, is part of a general effort by the Israeli Air Force to improve the country’s air defenses, particularly in the north, due to the proliferation of Iranian drones and cruise missiles in the region. The detection system, dubbed “Elevated Sensor,” or “Sky Dew” in Israel, is deployed at high altitudes in order to detect incoming long-range missiles, cruise missiles, and drones, officials said.

Israel already maintains an array of radar systems to detect incoming threats, but the new aerostat is meant to complement and improve existing capabilities by placing the sensors at high altitudes. During a Tuesday ceremony, the system was formally handed over to the military and began its operational use under a new air force unit, with the same name as the system.

Israeli Air Force chief Amikam Norkin hailed the new system, saying the unit would “enable [air traffic control] to build a more accurate and broader air surveillance picture.”

He added that the system would “make the air force more prepared, and assist it in continuing its mission — maintaining security in the skies of Israel.” (TOI / VFI News)

“God, we ask that You continue to protect your people against any attack that may come against Israel.”