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IDF forces locating explosives in Gaza kindergarten

IDF Finds, Neutralizes Explosives in Gaza Kindergarten

During searches of residences used for terrorist activity on the outskirts of Shati in Gaza, IDF troops encountered a kindergarten where terrorist infrastructure - including explosive devices - had been assembled in anticipation of the troops’ activity. The soldiers neutralized the explosive devices.

Further, IDF troops identified four terrorists who were carrying explosive devices advancing toward them. An IAF aircraft thwarted the cell. Approximately half an hour later, the troops identified four additional terrorists in the area, who were subsequently targeted in an aerial strike.

Simultaneously, a vehicle with terrorists inside was identified approaching IDF troops in southern Gaza City. An aircraft struck the cell, resulting in the elimination of the terrorists. Furthermore, an IAF fighter jet, directed by IDF troops, struck a military compound from which terrorists had detonated an explosive device at IDF soldiers.

Additionally, during an IDF operation to thwart terror activity in Beit Lahia, the troops identified three Hamas terrorists entering a framed building. The troops then directed an IAF aircraft that struck the terrorists with precision. (INN / VFI News)

“God, we ask that You bring an end to the war so that we can rest in Your peace and rebuild our lives. We pray for all the innocent civilians in Gaza who are used as pawns and whose lives are endangered daily by the terrorists, and that civilian structures will not be used by terror groups. We thank You for the targeted elimination of terrorists and we pray that all terror activity will cease in Yeshua’s name!”