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Rocket Misfire By Hamas Caused Major Hospital Blast in Gaza | VFI News

Dear readers, amid the ongoing war in Israel, we hope that you are all safe and secure. We pray that the Lord will spread His protection over the innocent Israeli and Gazan citizens and will bring an end to the vile brutalities that have been committed. We remain hopeful about the outcome but we are deeply saddened by the unimaginable loss of human lives. We offer our heartfelt condolences to anyone who has experienced a tragedy so far and we pray that their lives will be fully restored.

Uncover the explosive truth in the Israel-Hamas conflict as we reveal an intercepted audio conversation from Hamas Operatives.

Gain deep insights into the challenges of the 'post-truth world' and how narratives often obscure reality.

Explore global implications and international responses to the ongoing crisis, and discover how this conflict affects various aspects of life, from politics and economics to daily living.

Stay informed and share this critical perspective on the situation in Israel.