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Israeli forces operate in the Gaza Strip  (IDF SPOKESPERSON'S UNIT)

Israel-Hamas War: 9,000 Hamas Terrorists Killed So Far in Gaza, IDF Says

The IDF on Sunday, January 14, published an extensive update on war statistics to date. These include some 9,000 Hamas terrorists killed; two of Hamas’s five brigade-level commanders eliminated; and 19 battalion-level commanders killed in 24 battalions. Despite those successes, Hamas’s top leadership in Gaza remains at large.

Further, according to the IDF, since the beginning of the ground operation, over 700 rocket launchers have been destroyed in airstrikes and ground forces operations.

The estimated total number of Hamas forces has varied wildly from 40,000 pre-war to 25,000. The IDF also estimates Hamas wounded to be at least in the several thousand range.

Around 170 Hezbollah and Hamas-affiliated terrorists have been killed in the North. The IDF has also arrested 2,300, who have been interrogated by Unit 504. Additionally, there have been a total of 30,000 IDF attacks on Gaza and around 750 on Hezbollah or other terrorists in the North.

It is reported that depending on the estimated total and some other factors, the IDF has killed, wounded, or arrested somewhere between one-third to more than 50% of Hamas’s forces. (JPost / VFI News)

“You stretch out Your right hand, and the earth swallows Your enemies.” - Exodus 15:12