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Police on the lookout for Hamas cells

Israel Says It Uncovered Hamas Terror Network Planning Attacks in Europe

Hamas runs a network of operatives in Europe commanded by terror leaders in Lebanon, Israel said Saturday, January 13, as its intelligence agencies released new details on the Gaza-based organization’s attempts to attack Israeli and Jewish targets abroad.

Most of the group’s Lebanon-based commanders, including Saleh al-Arouri and Khalil Harraz, were killed in recent weeks in airstrikes attributed to Israel. Since then, according to Israeli media, most of Hamas’s military leaders based in Beirut have escaped the Lebanese capital due to fears of being targets of assassinations.

Further, Hamas cells in Denmark, Germany, and Holland were arrested in December on suspicion of plotting to attack Jewish targets in Europe.

According to a statement released Saturday by the Prime Minister’s Office, Israel’s Mossad and Shin Bet agencies in cooperation with foreign partners have been able to build a “comprehensive and in-depth” picture of Hamas’s efforts to carry out attacks in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

The PMO said Israel has uncovered “details on theaters of operation, terror targets, and on those involved in carrying out attacks — from Hamas commanders in Lebanon to the last of the attackers in the operational infrastructure.” It did not provide many further details on these findings but said the network had been planning to attack Israel’s embassy in Sweden, buy UAVs, and utilize criminal organizations in Europe to support attacks. (TOI / VFI News)

“God, we thank You for taking care of our people regardless of their place of residence. We are also extremely grateful for Europe’s military and police forces who stay alert and are willing to cooperate with us to provide optimal protection to Israelis and Jewish people in their countries. We ask that You help them eliminate all terrorist organizations operating on European soil for good.”