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Mamilla Mall

Where Are Jerusalem's Jews, Arabs Living Together?

Two recent surveys published by the Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research (JIPR) show some intriguing changes and trends in the behavior among the city’s various sectors, as well as shifts in residential areas.

While the surveys, based on data from the Central Bureau of Statistics, find that the number of Palestinians who choose to live in Jewish neighborhoods (mainly for improving housing conditions) is increasing and currently stands at 12,000 people (at least), the number of Jews who moved – mainly for ideological reasons – to live in crowded Muslim population areas is about 4,000 to 5,000.

For years, neighborhoods in Jerusalem were divided separately between Jews and Arabs; but sources in local political circles estimate that this new reality might encourage more Palestinians to take part in the upcoming municipal elections.

“They move to Jewish neighborhoods to find better conditions, but living surrounded by Jews may also have some impact on their attitude toward these elections,” says a source, who adds, “being away from the Palestinians activist groups – Hamas or Fatah – can help these residents to feel less concerned about their “Israelization” process.

Two case studies involving areas in Jerusalem where Jews and Palestinians work and play alongside each other are the Mamilla Mall on the east-west Jerusalem seamline, and Liberty Bell Park, a park in west Jerusalem. (JPost / VFI News)

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