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Ukrainian soldiers fire a Pion artillery system

US Quietly Shipping Ammo to Ukraine from Massive Stockpile in Israel — Report

The US military is quietly shipping hundreds of thousands of artillery shells to Ukraine from a massive stockpile in Israel, according to a Tuesday report, January 17.

The ammunition supply is located in Israel for the US military to use in regional conflicts. The US has also given Israel permission to use some of the supplies in emergency situations, American media reported, citing American and Israeli officials.

The previous government approved of the move, as Israel attempted to chart a course between maintaining ties with the US and Ukraine, and not antagonizing Russia.

US officials first brought up the possibility of supplying Ukraine from the stockpile in Israel last year, sparking concerns in Jerusalem about how Russia would react, the report said. Eventually, the US and Israel agreed to ship around 300,000 shells to Ukraine, according to Israeli and US officials.

Israeli officials told Israeli media that Jerusalem had not altered its position against giving Ukraine lethal weapons, but was agreeing to the US using its own supplies.

Israel has provided large amounts of humanitarian aid to Ukraine, as well as other types of assistance, and the new government under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said it intends to keep those supplies flowing. (TOI / VFI News)

“God, we ask for the protection of Ukrainian people and we hope that hostilities will soon be diminished, so that Europe can once again establish stability and prosperity for years to come.”