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Ben-Zion Gopstein (left), leader of the group Lehava, gathers with some of his young followers in Jerusalem

Far-Right Lehava Activists, Israel Police Clash at Christian Event in Jerusalem

Clashes broke out as Israeli Police attempted to prevent Lehava activists from breaking into a Christian concert held in Jerusalem on Thursday evening, June 22, according to a police statement.

One of the activists of the far-right organization was arrested on suspicion of attacking a police officer. Dozens of Orthodox Jews attempted to interrupt the event and rioted, according to the police.

The police stated that it would continue to allow the freedom of expression and protest according to the law, but won't allow the violation of public order and riots.

The activists were accompanied by Jerusalem deputy mayor Aryeh King and Lehava founder Bentzi Gopstein, according to Israeli media.

Lehava had called for a protest against the "missionary" event several days in advance. The concert's invitation by the Association for Messianic Jews stated: "We invite you to an unforgettable experience, where we will lift up our voice with one voice and in praise and worship of our lord Jesus Christ to the glory of God the Father."

"Throughout history, the mission hunted Jewish souls and fought against the people of Israel. The missionary conference was designed to convert Jews from their religion and there is no place for that in Jerusalem. In a democracy, I must come and demonstrate," Gopstein stated, according to Israeli media. (JPost / VFI News)