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An Israeli Iron Dome anti-missile system intercepts a rocket

Rocket from Jenin Fired at Israel, Lands in Palestinian Territory

A rocket was launched on Monday morning, June 26, at Israel from the Jenin area but exploded in Palestinian territory without hitting any Israelis or Israeli locations.

According to the IDF, the rocket did not pose a threat to Israeli communities in the area, though it was unclear if this was because it lacked the range to strike them or because the rocket had other issues.

Israeli security forces arrived at the scene and conducted searches in the area, but did not yet report any arrests. The IDF said that the incident is under review, but did not give much specific information about who carried it out or how similar future incidents would be prevented.

The new situation occurs after last week's drastic escalation in terror from the Palestinian side, use of force by the IDF, and revenge attacks by Jewish West Bank residents.

It also comes after a recent warning by Shin Bet Director Ronen Bar that Palestinian terrorists were making renewed efforts to acquire rockets in the West Bank and fire them on Israel.

If such terror groups succeeded, it could represent a whole new front for rocket defense, since presently Israel's rocket defense is deployed to defend against rockets from Lebanon or Gaza. (JPost / VFI News)

“God, we thank You for protecting Israel and that no Israelis were harmed by the rocket. We are humbly grateful for Your love and protection and we pray that terrorists won’t succeed in their malevolent plans.”

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