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Iranian-made Shahed-136 exploding UAVs prepared for launch

Russia Gave Stolen Western Weapons, Cash to Iran

Russia flew over $140 million in cash and seized Western anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles to Tehran in late August, an anonymous security source told British media on Tuesday, November 8.

The seized munitions include a British NLAW anti-tank missile, a US Javelin anti-tank missile and a Stinger anti-aircraft missile, according to the report. The munitions had been part of a shipment intended for the Ukrainian military that "fell into Russian hands."

The security source warned that the seized munitions could allow the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) to study the munitions and even reverse-engineer them. "They will probably be reverse-engineered and used in future wars," said the source.

The British media published satellite images provided by the source, purporting to show two Russian military cargo planes at Mehrabad airport in Tehran, on August 20. At least one of the planes was carrying Iranian drones meant for Russia, according to the source.

The case and munitions were sent as payment for suicide drones provided to Russia by Iran in recent months, according to the report. A further order of drones worth over $200 million has been purchased by Russia in the past few days as well, the source added. (JPost / VFI News)

“God, we ask that you protect us from nations that might have plans to attack us, and that the alliances they form in this regard do not become fruitful.”

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