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Osama Hamdan

Hamas Submits Response, Israeli Official: They Rejected the Biden Proposal

Hamas has given Qatari and Egyptian mediators its official response to the proposal for a hostage and ceasefire deal, American media reported on Tuesday, June 11, citing two sources with knowledge of the issue.

Senior Hamas official Osama Hamdan later told Al Mayadeen that Hamas’ response included several comments on the proposal, which was recently outlined by US President Joe Biden. He said Hamas is committed to what it said before, which is the demand for a ceasefire and the withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad said in a joint statement, “The response prioritizes the interest of the Palestinian people, and the need to completely stop the ongoing aggression in the Gaza Strip. The Palestinian delegation expressed its willingness to act positively to reach an agreement that will end this war against our people based on a sense of national responsibility.”

British media quoted an official briefed on the talks as saying that the Hamas response includes “a new timeline” for a permanent ceasefire and withdrawal of Israeli troops from Gaza.

Hamas is refusing to allow Israel the right to veto specific “serious” terrorists from being released in return for the captive female soldiers, even though Israel agreed to compromise on having the power to veto only half of the 200 terrorists who would be released.

In addition, Hamas staunchly refuses the Israeli demand to exile the terrorists, not even to the Gaza Strip, and demands that they be returned to their place of origin, including Judea and Samaria. Israel refuses to allow terrorists to return to Judea and Samaria where they can easily attack Israelis again.

The terror organization also demands not only an American guarantee to end the war, but also guarantees from China, Russia, and Turkey. (INN / VFI News)

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