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Israel to Ease Travel Through EU's Digital COVID Passport Program

Travelers will have an easier time entering and leaving the country now that Israel has joined the European Union’s digital COVID certificate program, the Health and Foreign ministries said Wednesday, September 15.

The program is supposed to take effect in early October, according to a joint statement.

This coronavirus travel program will enable vaccinated and recovered Israelis to travel to EU member states and other countries that are members of the program and have their certificate recognized by their country of destination. At the same time, travelers from member countries will also have their vaccination and recovery certificates recognized in Israel.

The Health Ministry has not yet decided if it will allow people with testing certificates to participate.

The program also allows Israelis to have access to the EU’s green pass, which gives entry to restaurants, cultural centers, public institutions, and the like in accordance with the coronavirus guidelines in each country.

It likewise prepares the ground for the opening of the Israeli tourism sector to European visitors.

“The ability to travel and visit the world is a basis for ensuring ties between peoples and countries,” Foreign Minister Yair Lapid said. (JPost / VFI News)