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822 Civilians Murdered, 711 Security Forces Killed Since the Beginning of the War

The Defense Ministry and the National Insurance Institute of Israel said on Thursday, May 9, that since the beginning of the war on October 7, 822 civilians were murdered, and 711 soldiers, police officers, and Shin Bet personnel were killed.

The total number of fallen security personnel in Israel’s wars since the establishment of the Jewish State stands at 25,034, and the death toll of civilians from terror attacks stands at 5,100.

Following the war, 1,294 bereaved parents, 248 widows, 520 orphans, and 2,174 bereaved siblings joined the bereaved families. Those killed in enemy actions left behind 630 orphans, 177 widows, 1,355 siblings, and 693 bereaved parents.

Since the last Memorial Day, 760 soldiers, including war casualties, and 61 disabled IDF veterans have been added to the fallen.

During the Hamas terror attack on October 7, 201 civilians were abducted, not including security personnel and reservists. 106 civilians were returned from captivity in Gaza to Israel, and 30 kidnapped civilians are classified as murdered, with eight of them buried in Israel. Currently, 132 hostages remain in Hamas’s captivity, including 65 civilians. (YNet / VFI News)

“God, we pray for all the families that have been afflicted by the war, and have been grief-stricken since. We know that You are always near the needy, the oppressed, the captives, and the brokenhearted and we pray that You provide all their needs, and comfort them in Yeshua’s name. May You prevent more losses, bring back all our hostages, and help us live in the land You have given us in peace, love, and harmony.”

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