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Portland Police

Antifa’s Pro-Palestinians Set Fire to 15 Portland Police Vehicles Targeted in May Day Attack

An Antifa anarchist movement-associated anti-Israel militant group on Monday, May 6, claimed responsibility for the arson of 15 Portland Police Bureau training vehicles in a “preemptive May Day attack” on law enforcement to protect the pro-Palestinian encampment occupying the facilities at the Portland State University (PSU).

A group calling itself Rachel Corrie’s Ghost Brigade issued a statement on the Antifa-affiliated Rose City Counter-Info blog, in which it called for an escalation in violence on behalf of Palestinians. The Rachel Corrie Foundation did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

“We call for more actions to avenge Palestinians and the brutalized students at PSU and beyond!” said the brigade. “Let 10 million cop cars burn!” The so-called brigade, named for a pro-Palestinian who was killed when she placed herself in the path of a D9 bulldozer in Rafah in 2003, claimed that they had committed the arson because they believed that the PSU encampment would be cleared by law enforcement.

The group said that last Thursday, they had cut through the fence of a police training facility and set 10 fires that spread to 15 vehicles. Portland Police said that some of the vehicles were destroyed and some damaged.

Thirty activists were arrested by the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) last Thursday, including at least six students, when they cleared the anti-Israel occupation of the university’s library. Portland State University Officers arrested one person and detained another for a police mental health hold.

PPB said that they were seeking 18 other activists, many of whom had been armed with makeshift shields and had fled the library after the days-long occupation. One of the activists who was arrested allegedly deployed a fire extinguisher at an officer as they navigated through the library, which was full of barricaded doors and floors made slick with soap and paint. (JPost / VFI News)

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