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Hamas Accepted a Vastly Different Ceasefire-Hostage Deal from the One Israel Had Approved

Citing Israeli officials, American media reported that Jerusalem was caught by surprise when Hamas suddenly announced on Monday, May 6, its acceptance of a three-phase deal for a ceasefire and hostages-for-prisoners swap, from Egypt and Qatar.

The Hamas ceasefire proposal took Israel by “complete surprise,” an Israeli source told Israeli media on Tuesday. Israel was not made aware of the document nor did it see its contents until after Hamas made its announcement to the media.

An Israeli official additionally said soon after that the deal was not acceptable to Israel because the terms it had previously approved had been “softened.” Washington was aware of the new proposal presented to Hamas by Arab mediators in recent days but failed to inform Israel about it, triggering intense Israeli disappointment.

The specifics set out by Hamas on Monday differ in numerous regards from the reported terms of what the US hailed a week ago as an “extremely generous” Israeli offer.

Among the differences: The Hamas proposal would see the release of 33 Israeli hostages, alive or dead, whereas the Israeli text requires the release of 33 living hostages; the Hamas proposal removes the veto Israel demanded on the release of certain Palestinian security prisoners, and raises the number of Palestinian security prisoners to be freed; the Hamas proposal provides for the free movement of Gazans back to the north of the strip, without security checks as required by Israel to prevent Hamas gunmen returning.

The Hamas proposal also changes the timing of hostage releases within the phases and some of the specifics on Israeli troop withdrawals. It also demands the release of all Palestinian security who were freed in the 2011 Shalit prisoner deal and have since been re-arrested. (TOI / VFI News)

“Lord, we pray that You help us reach peace and get our hostages back in Yeshua’s name. We are deeply saddened to see the vast loss of human lives, as well as the plots and schemes that the terrorists utilize to obscure the truth and evade a permanent solution. May You give our leaders a sound mind to do what is best for all the people residing in our country and may You comfort them during this trying time.”